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Friday, October 06, 2006

My entry for Nav's Hallowe'en contest:

I Made This Lamp
Flames lick patterns up inside the green, curved glass.
Hurrying through the streets, a cold wind whips and claims the light.
Turning away from the cruel weather, matches spill amongst wet flagstones.
Darkness closes in, coats the buildings, the streets, my lamp with thick, gloomy paint.
The audible heartbeat of panic augments as cats scream their macabre midnight song.
Finding dry matches! One is struck; the oil and rain soaked wick spits a modest light.
Shadows beget curious wall demons curling their twisted tendrils towards me.

They caress me, for I am the demons’ master. I send them forth.

here's a link to Matt Dinniman's site if you would like to enter the contest yourself.

Not that anyone reads my blog..


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